From Zero to Hero

18 October 2008

Make money onlineEasy moneyQuick cash… Have you ever get these type of message in your Inbox? They said they can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in months. Some even claim they can make millions in only one year. And they start with nothing.  Despite the truth of what they’ve said, I think that’s… incredible.  Hundreds or even thousands of this kind of site are found on the internet these days. Click here for example or here. Which one is better than the others? Who knows the truth that lies inside their writing? Let’s say someone had bought their eBook and at the end learn nothing new. Then buy another one and still get nothing, and so on and so on…. While some money had been thrown away for nothing, at the other hand, the precious time is flying away. We’re getting older day by day, my friend. If this thing keep happening, then we will ended up being old and still have to work for food or other living cost. So what should we do? Who we can get to teach us the right way? What is the point of doing this?…. “Future Search” … Title and purpose why this blog is design for, and … “From Zero to Hero” … no matter you are the zero or the hero, let us help each other. 

Hi everyone. My name is Willie. I’m a male with lots of work experienced. That’s what I think. I’ve traveled to a lot of countries in the past. Stayed there and worked from couple of months to years. I’ve tried everything just to staying alive. From dish washer to cooking, from general labor work to experienced machine operator, from operating a forklift to operating overhead crane. From working just 4 hours a day to 38 hours non-stop. I’ve tried everything. I have a good life now, even though I’m not a rich man, but still eating three times a day will not be a problem for me. 

Since my parents are so poor, I’ve got no choice but to do everything by myself. Finished my school and worked. I’ve tried all the traditional methods to just earn more and more. But they lead me to nothing. I’m tired. I think it’s time for me to just be happy with what I have right now. But something deep down inside me know that, I’m not quite satisfied with my condition now. Why? Because I know that the more I have, the more I will give, the knowledge.  And maybe you have this kind of feeling too now.

In these couple of years of my traveling through Asia, I have seen lots of people who are always stress in their life and works just because of their needs are not being fulfilled and some even broke. Last night I saw on TV where one family had lost their house because of their debts were not paid. I keep thinking, where will they stay that night? What will they eat? How about their little children? Every time I saw those people , I just feel like seeing my self in the past. Working for nothing…. at the end. That kind of feeling makes me feel very sad. I always think “how will I be able to help them”, there are TOO MANY of them outside there, and they are ALL AROUND THE WORLD. I don’t have the strength and time to do it. I’m so helpless. But I feel the need to give them a help. I realise that by helping them means I can help myself too. I’m not a very good man obviously, but still, I always feel that there is nothing wrong to do things that can help and make someone’s day better. I hope you are too.

One of my friend joke with me: “You are so stupid, why don’t you just advertise your need, send an email and then ask them to share their knowledge, if they want that’s good. And if they don’t then simply ask them to forward it to other until you find your guru, have the knowledge and then put it in your blog or whatever, so everyone who is lucky enough will get to you. As you know Willie, there are billions of people around the world. And you need hundreds of years just to find one. Haha…..”. He laughed and left me behind. Suddenly I feels like, let’s give it a try, I’ve got nothing to lose right? For the better life. For everyone who needs help, for the good of mankind. So this blog published. So everyone who has read this, with problems or solutions, will be able to help each other PERSONALLY!!! With your help, we can do even better.


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